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Facing difficulties dealing with customers' complaints and retaining a better company image? The 10 proven ways we gathered could help you to handle the problems.

How to deal with broken products a customer may receive?

Why Does Shopify Page Speed Matter?

In this article, we will discuss why your store's Shopify page speed needs to be optimised, the benefits of doing so, and tips to improve your Shopify store speed.

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Influence of EU VAT Reform to Dropshippe

Influence of EU VAT Reform on Dropshippers

The article below is from AliExpress and talks about the EU VAT Reform in AliExpress.

14 Key Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

The dropshipping model of e-commerce has numerous benefits. To help you avoid dropshipping doom, here are key dropshipping no-nos to steer clear of.

14 Key Dropshipping Mistakes to
Top 10 Books to Read for the Right Busin

Top 10 Books to Read for the Right Business Mindset

Having the right mindset is the first step of anything. Buckle up as I tell you all about the books that will help you grow and achieve your goals. Each one of these is a must-read for a business owner.

Try Dr Tech to create your online store

Dr. Tech offers an all-in-1 formula including the best tools to sell online and endless possibilities in design, allowing Dropshippers to differentiate themselves and increase their profit significantly.

Try Dr Tech to create your online store.
The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Now, social media advertising is surely the most popular strategy to draw people's attention. In this article, we will give an overview about social media advertising and introduce you some valuable advertising tips to better run your business.

What is AliExpress?

If you are trying to start your own business online and buy a large quantity of goods, AliExpress is a good choice. In this article, we will give an overview about AliExpress and discuss some frequently asked questions. 

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Let’s get you started with an all-in-one

Let's get started with an all-in-one marketing app for Shopify!

Growave can help you replace several apps on your Shopify store and save a ton of time and money. It’s the only kind of app on the market that combines multiple features under one dashboard.

The importance of proactive customer service

Customer expectations are higher than ever, if their needs are not fulfilled, they will easily turn to other choices. Thus, it has never been more important for sellers to implement proactive customer service that goes beyond their expectations.

The importance of proactive customer ser
Choosing the right ecommerce

Choosing the right eCommerce platform

In order to help you to have a better understanding on which eCommerce platform you should choose, this passage will give an introduction of some features you should know when you're making your choice.

The importance of order tracking

Customer experience has become a defining factor for successful e-commerce businesses. Buyers have prioritized the shopping experience above any other things in online shopping. Read this article to learn more about it!

The importance of order tracking  - DSer
How much does it cost to start dropshipp

Learn about the cost to start dropshipping

A frequently asked question that people are always wondering about: How much money does it cost to start a dropshipping business? In this article, we will take a look at the budgets for people to launch a dropshipping store on Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix.

Discover Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Coupons can be a powerful way to boost your WooCommerce store’s sales. This article brings you new insights on the advantages of coupons and how you can implement them in your WooCommerce store using a coupon extension.

Customer experience tips to boost your s

Tips to improve customer experience

Customer experience is all about how your customers interact and experience your website, services and products during all stages, from the first visit to your store to the payment. It should be one of the most important aspects for entrepreneurs to focus on improving...

Beginner's guide to improve SEO

How can you increase your sales if people can’t find your store online? Learn how to improve the SEO of your dropshipping store so that people can find you through a Google search. Rank higher on search engines to gain more sales.

Beginner's guide to improve SEO for drop
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Learn about DSers new Partner Program

We are so excited to share the news with you about the release of our Partner Program! Share your dedicated affiliated link with your audience to receive a commission from DSers. Join the DSers family and help us grow DSers together!

AliExpress Changing Shipping? Check this

Starting January, AliExpress is standardizing the shipping methods available for all the products. As a result, there might be fewer or different shipping methods that you can use to ship some of your orders. Let’s have a look at what changed...

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Ready for CNY? Check this

If you source products from China, then it’s important to understand the ins-and-out of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year will bring a halt to businesses across most of China. Here are some of the tips from DSers for you to prevent potential complications...

Looking for new suppliers? Check this

We all know one of the secrets of succeeding in dropshipping is to sell the right product but it is never easy to do so. What’s even worse is that even after
you go through lots of troubles to find the right supplier for it...

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Learn everything about Black Friday

This year is very different, the world consummation methods are changing, and the global pandemic has just accelerated this fact.

BFCM has always been helping to boost sales, but it is very interesting to see the kind of impact...

Looking for Woo best plugin? We got you

You’ve come to the right article if you want to look for the best WordPress Email Marketing plugins to inform, building brand awareness and keep your audience engaged...

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What is Email Marketing?

Marketing has always been about increasing the exposure for your business. Given the accessibility of the internet nowadays, marketing today means you need to be more present to your audience where they are really spending their time - on the internet.

DSers Reward Season in going strong!

DSers Reward Season has been live for 2 weeks since Oct 15th! 

We couldn't be more pleased about your participation!

Our goal of this event is to get more users to familiarize with our 10 days delivery service while making some easy extra cash...

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Don't lose money because of bad suppliers

After a deep survey, we found that the following issues are the most common when it comes to losing money:

1. Price constantly changing

2. Very high processing delays

3. Tracking number unavailable


What happens to the product you buy?

what happens to your products exactly once you have paid for an order when you use our program, compared to normal suppliers...

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What is the best shipping method for you?

The first report regarding shipping methods courtesy of DSers Mass Supply team.

All the data is provided by the official AliExpress team. We sincerely hope this data analysis will help you when choosing your favorite shipping methods.

Products, Orders, what can DSers do?

DSer is here to help dropshippers manage their orders, you only need a couple of minutes and couple of clicks to process all your orders each day!
But you can also find new products and better suppliers...

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What users think of DSers

Who better than you to talk about DSers?
We asked some of our user what they think of us, what would they change, and to share some advice with you...